Transport, accommodation and catering


Transport, accommodation and catering

Kuldīga is easily accessible by both car and public transport.


The nearest airports that provide international flights are located in Ventspils (50 km), Liepāja (88 km) and Rīga (150 km).

Ventspils Airport (IATA: VNT, ICAO: EVVA) is a civil aviation airport which specializes in general aviation services; it is certified for flights during daylight and after dark. Ventspils Airport does not provide regular scheduled flights, but takes charter flights. It takes about 40 minutes to reach Kuldīga from Ventspils Airport.

In summer, Liepāja International Airport (IATA: LPX, ICAO: EVLA) provides 4 flights a week from Liepāja to Rīga, making it easier to connect to flights from Rīga International Airport. It takes about 1 hour to reach Kuldīga from Liepāja Airport.

Rīga International Airport (IATA: RIX, ICAO: EVRA)  is an emerging northern European air traffic hub. The 20 airlines operating out of Rīga Airport offer more than 70 destinations in the winter season and more than 100 in the summer season. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Kuldīga from Rīga Airport.

Road transport

There is a regular public bus service from Kuldīga to Rīga, Liepāja, Ventspils, Talsi, Saldus and other  towns. There are seven to nine buses to and from Rīga every day. The bus from Rīga to Kuldīga takes 2.5 to 3 hours. The street network in the nominated property has integrated bus stops located at Mucenieku Street and Jelgavas Street.


A network of smaller and larger-capacity parking areas has been set up in Kuldīga to ensure that visitors have easy access to the sightseeing objects. All parking lots are free of charge and only some have time limits. The main parking lot of the town is located at Town Square, where 200 cars can be parked at the same time. For the comfort of citizens and visitors, the municipality has produced an interactive map with all the parking lots. The map is available through the Google Maps application.


There are 59 places of accommodation in Kuldīga and its surrounding area. There are mainly hotels and apartments in the town, while in the surrounding area there are holiday homes, guest houses, and camping sites.

Cafes and restaurants

In total, there are 23 cafes and restaurants in Kuldīga and its surrounding area, offering medium- and high-end catering services. For the last four years, the Kuldīga Active Recreation Centre has organised Kuldīga Restaurant Week, with ten cafes and restaurants running special offers at special prices.