Restoration of Kuldiga Old Town Hall

Project „Restoration of Kuldiga Old Town Hall and Improvement of Quality and Accessibility of its Culture Services” plans to preserve and renew elements of the building to improve environment of masters of applied art studio and accessibility of visitors as well as improvement of amount and quality of the present culture products by enriching culture supply and by fostering and diversifying development of economic activity forms, encouraging economic activities.

Kuldiga Old Town Hall building on 5 Baznicas street 5 is significant as an example of city building as well as a place for creating traditional cultural values and as a culture institution where culture products and services are produced.

The following activities have been foreseen within the project:

  • project management
  • restoration of Kuldiga old Town Hall
  • building work supervision
  • supervision of construction works by the author
  • training of the local craftsmen and capacity building
  • publicity

The project is being implemented by Kuldiga District Council in partnership with Akershus Restoration Centre in Drobak, Norway.

The total implementation period of the project is 21 month – from July 2014 to March 2016.

The total costs of the project are 699 490, 91 EUR., the total eligible costs are EUR 562 400,94 out of which 250 000,00 is financing from European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

Project management:

Project manager - Dace Reinkopa mob..29110981, Elīna Orna phone. 633 22469, Annija Stūrmane mob. 27844496.

Partner Akershus Restoration Centre in Drobak, Per-Willy Faergestad +47 48073153.

Project development:

Implementation in 2013 -
Development of the technical project:

  • 11.07.2013. announcement of the public procurement for development of the technical project
  • 23.09.2013. the municipality signed a contract with Ltd. “Wonderfull” on development of the technical project
  • 26.11.2013. the design project was approved

Implementation in 2014 -

  • From 17.09. to 21.09. within the activity ”Training of local craftsmen and capacity building” 5 craftsmen from Kuldiga visited the project partner organization and during the restoration workshop got acquainted with the Nordic way of restoring wooden buildings.
  • 23.10.2014. announcement of the public procuement for construction work
  • 28.11.2014. announcement of the public procurement for construction supervison

Implementation in 2015 -

  • 03.02.2015. the municipality signed contract with Ltd.  "Ostas celtnieks" on constrution work for 552 899, 57 EUR without VAT.
  • 10.02.2015. the municipality signed contract with Ltd. "Būves un būvsistēmas" on construction supervision
  • First stage of the construction work was finished on 1 June 2015
  • Implementation of the second stage of constrution work.
  • From 03.08. to 07.08. within the activity ”Training of local craftsmen and capacity building” a restoration expert from the partner organization and 5 craftsmen from Kuldiga took part in restoration of the Kuldiga Old Town hall.

Implementation in 2016 -

  • 28.01.2016. Renovation of Kuldiga Old Town Hall is drawing to an end – there are still some interior decoration works taking place, fragments of interior uncovered during the investigation are being fixed, interior walls and ceilings are being painted and carpentry building parts – window shutters, outer doors and stairs – are being put in place.

The construction works at the Kuldiga Old town hall were finished in March 2016. On March 31, 2016 the official opening of the restored Old town hall took place with participation of representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Kuldiga municipality, building company and project partner organization in Norway.