Kuldīga is a town located in the centre of the western part of Latvia – Kurzeme (Courland), 150 km from Rīga, the capital of Latvia, 100 km from Liepāja and 50 km from Ventspils.

The town of Kuldīga is the administrative centre of Kuldīga Municipality consisting of 20 territorial units.

The area of Kuldīga is 13,2 km².

According to the data of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of the Republic of Latvia 10710 people live in the town.

Why is Kuldīga special?

In the very heart of Courland, on the banks of Venta, there is a town with a long burden of years on the shoulders – Kuldīga. Everything here is real. Narrow, cobbled streets where one can easily get lost as in a labyrinth, old houses that tell exciting stories of hundreds of people that have lived here, clay-tiled roofs, mysterious Alekšupīte River that flows between the ancient buildings and romantic bridges that call for a halt, listening to the chatter of the waters of the stream to appreciate the magic of the moment.

Kuldīga is a town with a soul. It is the pearl of Courland for those who appreciate history and charm. Kuldīga and its neighborhood is like a book of wonders – the more you read it, the more interesting it gets until you become part of it. Kuldīga is attractive to those who want to feel romance and the breath of history and enjoy outstanding events.

In spring Kuldīga invites everyone to witness a spectacular show provided by nature as vimba fish jump above Ventas Rumba, Europe’s largest waterfall, in their route to spawning. In summer Kuldīga invites to enjoy a refreshing swim on the Blue Flag beach with a mafgnificent view to the old brick bridge and Ventas Rumba. In autumns leaves of the trees growing next to Venta River change their colour to red and yellow and create beautiful scenery of autumn magic. But when Christmas time approaches, Kuldīga turns into a winter fairy tale.

But in all the seasons, visitors can admire the well-preserved old town that is the best evidence of the once mighty Duchy of Courland and Semigallia and as such has been nominated to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, beautiful nature, go on refreshing walks, enjoy a delicious meal in one of the cozy cafes and restaurants that Kuldīga is famous for and simply celebrate life.

People living and working in Kuldīga are creative and enterprising, hearty, hospitable and friendly. They love their town, live, work and have rest with passion and heart. They dare to pursue bigger and smaller ideas, dream big dreams and enjoy fulfilling them.

Kuldīga is being selected by those who like absence of congestion and crowds of a big city, who appreciate a calmer rhythm of life and appreciate how close and quickly reachable everything is. Living here, you can work anywhere in the world and go for a walk in the old town or along Venta River in the evenings and listen to bird songs and the rumbling of Venta Rumba. The picturesque urban environment has been appreciated for decades by artists who like to work here in plein airs and display artworks in one of the town’s exhibition spaces.

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