Interests of Kuldīga district inhabitants are represented by elected decision making authority – District Council.

Kuldīga district consists of 14 administrative divisions:

  • Kuldīga town;
  • Ēdole parish;
  • Gudenieku parish;
  • Īvande parish;
  • Kabile parish;
  • Kurmāle parish;
  • Laidu parish;
  • Padure parish;
  • Pelču parish;
  • Renda parish;
  • Rumba parish;
  • Snēpele parish;
  • Turlava parish;
  • Vārme parish.

The administrative centre of Kuldīga district – Kuldīga town.  The legal address is Baznīcas Street 1, Kuldīga, Kuldīga district, LV-3301.

Kuldīga District Council was elected on June 1, 2017.

Chairperson of Kuldīga District Council is Inga Bērziņa.

There are 17 deputies elected in Kuldīga District Council.